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Welcome to the on line home of GreenPHARM

Affordable, quality-assured herbal products made with love by nature and combined into simple effective combinations by qualified and experienced professionals.


How it all began.

The concept for GreenPHARM, founded by Eduan Joubert (B.Comm HR Management, IKC Dip. Kinesiology, Dip. Health Sciences, Cert. Bioresonance Feedback), developed after identifying the need for affordable quality-regulated herbal products. The main focus of the company - a veritable 'Green Pharmacy' - is the bulk manufacturing of excellent herbal tinctures, easily available to you for aiding the body to establish health and equilibrium. Most of the herbs used have been used in numerous formularies by different users and producers globally.


This makes it tried and tested, and gives one peace of mind. The herbal formularies are natural aids to assist the body with self-healing. The body seeks equilibrium between the physical, emotional and bio-chemical parts thereof, and therefore the holistic approach when developing our excellent herbal tinctures. Thank you for assisting your body on its way to self-healing with our quality GreenPHARM products.